Beauty Ion Pro Deluxe Anti-Aging Dual Process Skin Care System for Anti Aging Therapy

Beauty Ion Pro Deluxe Galvanic Skin Therapy System 24000mv Dual ProcessPreventive and Restorative Skin Treatment System

  • Fine lines and crow’s feet
  • Skin deterioration from sun, weather, and smoking
  • Sagging skin (including from weight loss or post pregnancy)

Developed by a German scientist, the Beauty-Ion-Pro system has been a phenomenal success in Europe for more than ten years. It has proven to be effective in tissue tightening, cellulite reduction, improvement in the appearance of scars, treatment of acne, and has even demonstrated visible evidence of fat reduction and body shaping.  It will tone and tighten in as little as one treatment. Best results are achieved over a period of eight to ten weeks.

There are two major electro-biological interactions involved in the process:

Galvanic Stimulation

It is generally well known that when living cells are injured, they react by healing themselves. New cells replace dead ones and existing cells adapt.  Living tissue normally ‘overreacts’ to an injury (as with muscle tissue following weight lifting).  Electricity triggers these cellular regenerative effects, yet no measurable damage to the tissue is noted.   It appears that the body is simply ‘tricked’ into healing an injury that does not exist, which results in reversal of cellular deterioration.  The very low-frequency electrical impulse passed into the body by the Beauty-Ion-Pro stimulates the mitochondria, which are the central power houses of the cells.  Mitochondria extract the energy from glucose to produce ATP, a chemical which is used in protein synthesis (for cell repair) and for energy storage.  In simple terms, Beauty-Ion-Pro provides stimulation so that the body produces increased energy to repair cells, produce collagen and perform its metabolic processes.


It is well known that certain vitamins have a beneficial ‘anti-aging’ effect on skin. Vitamin K is necessary for the blood clotting mechanism in the body.  It thus aids in the healing of capillaries or blood vessels that may have enlarged or burst, creating the thin red lines that can often show through the skin.  Plastic surgeons know that Vitamin K is helpful in reducing the bruising that often follows surgery when blood vessels are damaged, and studies have confirmed its value in strengthening broken capillaries. Vitamin C helps to protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays damaging effects. It also stimulates collagen production, improves skin’s tone and texture, improves pigmentation issues and increases elasticity of the skin. Iontoporesis literally ‘pushes’ a topically applied vitamin serum into and through the skin, achieving up to 400% better results than simply applying the serum on the surface, as the vitamins are able to reach all layers of the skin as well as the layer of fat tissue that is immediately subcutaneous.

High Tech meets High Touch

In order to transfer the energy into the body, differing electrical currents of low frequency, modulated waveforms are used.  In addition to stimulating the natural healing properties of tissue, Beauty-Ion-Pro also creates a disturbance of water in the treated area.  The probe and a counter-electrode generate an electrical potential which stimulates the ions in the area which results in water being redistributed.  As a result, the electric current and the messaging action of the treatment process stimulate the lymphatic pathways to remove water containing toxic materials and metabolites.

The system consists of a sensor module linked to a galvanic controller. Three sizes of applicator heads are included with the system (1, 2 and 3 inch) which makes the Deluxe model suitable for different applications and body areas. The one-inch head is most suitable for areas with more detail, such as the face, while the larger heads are especially suited for the abdomen and thighs.

The Beauty Ion Pro Deluxe Kit Includes

  • 24000mV 5000µA galvanic skin toning controller
  • Wand with exchangeable heads:
    -Standard 1 inch removable head
    -Deluxe 1.5 and 3 inch heads for treatment of large surfaces
  • 18oz (525ml) Basic Conductivity Gel
  • 18oz (525ml) Serum K
  • 18oz (525ml) Serum C
  • Remote Foot Switch
  • Easy to Follow Instructions

Before and After Photos Galvanic Skin Therapty

Beauty-Ion-Pro Testimonials

“I had been on Botox for about a year, but I still looked tired and ‘saggy’. I went to the local salon and heard about the Beauty-Ion-Pro. They gave me a free treatment and it felt invigorating. After just 4 weeks, I have quit Botox. I don’t need it anymore. The Beauty-Ion-Pro Home face lift did what Botox could not. Revitalize my face not just hide the crows feet.”  A.I. in Vancouver, BC

“I paid $1,500 for a set of treatments at the Dr’s and was so unhappy with the results. After using this machine 2 times ALL the fine wrinkles around my eyes are gone.”  A.T. in FLA

“I am so glad that I did not have to undergo a surgical procedure for my sagging eyes. I had tried many of the creams but nothing worked. The Beauty-Ion-Pro saved me thousands and worked.”   A.H. in Pasadena, Ca


One Year Warranty on Beauty Ion Pro30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
Try the Beauty Ion Pro for 30 days.  If you are not happy with it, we will take it back and refund your initial purchase price. Simply follow the
instructions included with the shipment.

1 Year Total Coverage Warranty:
We guarantee that your Beauty Ion Pro will arrive without damage or defect. This warranty shall extend for a period  of 1 year from the date of delivery.

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