SDL15 Professional Laser Hair Removal System – 100mm Line Beam, 54 jcm2/sec, 808 nm

SDL15 Professional Laser Hair Removal SystemWith a ‘line beam’ that covers 50 to 200 times more area than a typical home use pin-point laser system, your clients will appreciate the incredible treatment speed that you can deliver, as well as the outstanding results of the SDL15 professional laser hair removal system.

Beauticians and Cosmetologists Expand Practice to Provide High Profit Professional Laser Hair Removal for Less Than $1000!

With such a low investment in such an efficient system, you can offer your clients who have experienced the frustration of using the ineffective mass marketed hair removal gadgets a time saving and affordable professional laser hair removal service that saves them hours of tedious treatment and build repeat and referral business for your practice.

Professional Laser Hair Removal is a Rapidly Expanding Business Service in a Tough Economy.

Personal appearance is critical in today’s competitive job market and in combination with the rapidly approaching summer fashion season and the estimated 70 million ‘Gen Y’ clients who are entering the marketplace today, professional laser hair removal is one of the most rapidly expanding opportunities in the industry. Add this lucrative service to your professional portfolio and build a loyal client base for your other services in the process!

Gigantic Billboards in Every Major City are Programming Your Customers to Seek Professional Laser Hair Removal.

Capitalize on the capital being invested by the big national franchises and offer professional laser hair removal to your clients before they take their business elsewhere. The SDL15 system delivers twice the minimum power required for effectove laser shaving on hair growth types 3-6, brown and black, and with the use of carbon dye, blond and red hair (types 2 and 3) can also be treated. Your clients will experience the ‘fireworks’ of seeing their exposed hair vaporized, but even more importantly, hair follicles in the anagen growth phase will be disabled and future hair growth from those follicles essentially stopped. You’ll see your client again in a couple of weeks for another treatment as more hairs have entered the anagen phase, and over a period of a few months, complete the treatment. In the meantime, you are building a relationship, selling other services, and getting lots of great referrals – just give your clients some perks and discount coupons to pass along to their friends and family!

Professional Laser Hair Removal System Kit Contents

The system has two components. The power control unit features a key lockout safety switch, system status LED showing when the system is ‘enabled’, intensity adjustment dial (0 to 7.71 jcm2/pulse), and pulse frequency adjustment control so you can adjust between 1 and 7 emissions per second. The hand piece, weighing less than 16 oz and very well balanced, features a 5 cfm micro-fan for internal cooling to maximize the life expectancy and performance of the laser diode, as well as an easy to see temperature gauge that you can monitor as you work.

Two pairs of laser protective eyewear, tweezers, 50 ml of Dermal Plast lidocaine topical, 150 ml of Carbon Dye, and instructions are also included.

Average safe and effective values for output intensity (fluence) and pulse frequency are included in the instruction material for various skin photo types. If you are unsure of your client’s skin type, click here for information.

Clients using cosmetics on the area to be treated containing retinoids (retin a, tretinoin, altinac, avita, trans retinoic acid, vitamin A acid, tazorac, adapalene, differin), or AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids, glycolic acid) stop using the cosmetic at least two days before the laser treatment. Clients who have been taking Accutane (isotretinoin) you should be off of it for two to six months before laser treatment. Clients who have had a microdermabrasion on the area to be treated it is best to wait seven to ten days before laser treatment. This device, as with all high intensity light cosmetic systems, should be kept out of reach of children at all times.

Treatment Time for Dense Moustache Removal: 10 minutes

Treatment Time for Dense Chest and Abdomen: 60 minutes

Treatment Time for Dense Full Body: 240 minutes

*Non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as laser removal are generally classified as ‘exempt’ from local health codes which regulate electrolysis. In most areas an Electrology license is not required to buy or use this system. Also approved for Acne Treatment, Laser Peel, Skin Resurfacing, Tattoo Removal and General Dermatology.

“The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, we will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item.”

**If your practice also includes tattoo removal or general dermatology, you will need to select a more powerful unit, such as our SDL50 or SDL80. These procedures require at least 130 joules/cm2/sec.

This Professional Laser Hair Removal System is custom built by skilled technicians in the USA. Please plan ahead, and allow approximately ten working days for the system to be built after the order is placed.

One Year Warranty on Beauty Ion Pro30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
Try the SDL15 for 30 days. If you are not happy with it, we will take it back and refund your initial purchase price. Simply follow the
instructions included with the shipment.

1 Year Total Coverage Warranty:
We guarantee that your SDL15 will arrive without damage or defect. This warranty shall extend for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery.

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