New 2012 IPL650: Perfect for Professional and Family Use! Hair removal, tattoo fading, skin conditioning BEST BUY!

IPL650 Intense Pulsed Light System for Salon, Dermatology, and Personal Use - Hair Removal, Tattoo Fading, Skin Conditions

The all new IPL650 produces up to 180 jcm2 per second of ultra-safe, wide-spectrum intense pulsed light at 410-1200nm (containing no harmful UVC radiation).  Pulse duration is factory-set at a highly effective 80 msec.  Pulse frequency is user-adjustable from 1-7 emissions per second and there are three convenient settings for total treatment duration (0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 seconds).

The standard glass condenser optic creates a highly-precise and focused energy emission.  This means the technician can effectively administer treatment to deeply rooted hairs as well as follicles which may be lacking in substantial pigment (with the aid of carbon dye).

The IPL650 is also capable of performing tattoo removal on most red, green, blue and black inks (Cobalt, Copper, Aluminum, Iron Oxide [Fe3O4/FeO], Carbon and Logwood formulas).

Now including Biotechnique Avance Brand pre-treatment DermalPlast+ 4% lidocaine, Phytodynamic Dye* and IPL Post Treatment gel formulas.

This system is an excellent choice  for tattoo erasure, as well as general cosmetology, dermatology, age spot removal, wrinkle reduction, laser skin resurfacing, permanent hair reduction and much more.  Each pulse has an effective treatment diameter of 2.0 cm and feels like a brief pinch.

All IPL units have very light, comfortable and sturdy hand pieces. Twin 30 cfm internal fans keep the flash tube and components cool during usage, which increases the power, performance and overall life expectancy of the system.

IPL650 Intense Pulsed Light system comes with 2 pair protective glasses, treatment gels, power supply, hand piece, extra lamp, tweezers, and instructions.

Complete Professional Intense Pulsed Light Epilation Kit Includes:

IPL hand piece with 180 jcm2/second energy intensity (fluence), key lock safety switch, non-reset pulse counter, adjustable pulse frequency, adjustable treatment duration, 2 quantity of IPL protective eyewear, 50ml photodynamic dye, 50ml of 4% lidocaine pre-treatment gel, 50ml of post treatment gel, tweezers and instructions.

System Characteristics:  2 cm Beam (round), Power: 180jcm2/second (36.00jcm2/pulse max.), IPL Type: flash lamp 410-1200nm; non-reset 7 digit pulse counter.

IPL Maintenance and Accessory Items:  Flash lamps are rated for 500,000 pulses which equates to roughly 1 – 2 years of average daily use for a salon. An additional lamp is included with your kit and may also be purchased for $99.95 USD.  The standard optics package is removable and may be changed for more specific wavelengths using sapphire and ruby ball lenses (not included).

Average safe and effective values for output intensity (fluence) and pulse frequency of IPL Hair Removal are included in the instruction material for various skin photo types (see Fitzpatrick scale).

If your clients are using cosmetics on the area to be treated containing retinoids (retin a, tretinoin, altinac, avita, trans retinoic acid, vitamin A acid, tazorac, adapalene, differin), or AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids, glycolic acid) instruct them to stop using the cosmetic at least two days before the laser treatment. If they have been taking Accutane (isotretinoin) they should be off of it for two to six months before IPL treatment.  If they have had a microdermabrasion on the area to be treated it is best to wait seven to ten days before intense pulsed light treatments.

IPL650 MSRP:  $2499.95 plus shipping

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