Free Report: Professional-Grade vs Home-Use Laser Hair Removal Systems

Do the cheap infomercial hair removal systems work as well as professional systems?  NO! NO! and here's WHY! WHY!Please fill in your name and email address in the form below to get your copy of a MUST READ report if you are considering spending money on laser hair removal!


Free Report: Professional-Grade vs Home-Use Laser Hair Removal Systems — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for your wonderful information!
    I am a science graduate (biomedical) and wish more people had such easy access to your honest and beautifully simplified information. So many in this industry are taking advantage of consumers not understanding how hair removal NEEDS to work.
    And I mean this from the manufacturers down to the consumers!
    I was in the LHR industry from 2001 working for a Dr, with a fantastic machine that produced excellent results (Palomar SLP1000).
    When I relocated, the IPL boom had just started and I could find no similar quality machine to work with in my new location. The new IPL seemed comparatively ineffective as I was so spoiled by ‘my’ Palomar.
    I felt, that for reasons of consumer safety, (and to reduce production costs/ increase profit margin) the units were underpowered, as they were ‘potentially’ being sold to seriously under-trained beauty industry people to drain the pockets of their undereducated clients. To put these in the hands of potentially undertrained therapists, they need to be ‘safe’ i.e. underpowered..
    I’m not suggesting for one moment that these therapists did not, or do not, have the best intentions toward their clients, but that the lack of genuine scientific information from the manufacturers – with their shiny brochures and glossy powerpoint presentations – resulted in the purchase of machines that cannot produce the best possible results. One Salon I worked in had a collection of machines that simply had not worked.
    Hence, I have not been in the industry for many years. IPL touch-ups I have paid for have been a waste of money. I was reassured by the operators, when attending without revealing my history, that it was because of the growth cycles- I know from experience that it simply wasn’t strong enough. (My results from the laser had lasted more than 8 yrs with only a handful of whispy hairs returning over that time.)
    Another sign to the consumer-especially of the ‘home’ units – ‘do you need safety glasses?’ If not, you’re probably wasting your money!
    Your actual scientific information is priceless for the consumer, and should be readily available for everyone considering any hair removal/reduction treatment.
    I thank you sincerely, and will be forwarding your links to anyone who asks me for advice!