AAVEXX 600: The Ultimate Professional Electrolysis System

The AAVEXX 600 Represents the Best Value and Most Versatility Electrolysis System on the Market

The AVX600 Transdermal “No Needle” Electrolysis System

Transdermal (Transcutaneous) Electrolysis represents a major breakthrough in a concept that has proven itself in over 100 years of clinical and cosmetic practice.  It works by causing an electro-chemical reaction at the dermal papilla during a brief treatment interval.  During this reaction, the body’s naturally occurring sodium chloride (salt) is converted to sodium hydroxide (lye) and the pH level of the target area is raised to the point that the cells responsible for hair growth are destroyed.  Effectiveness levels as high as 40% in one treatment are often achieved, and independent tests have confirmed that the results from the ‘no needle’ Transdermal technology and the traditional ‘probe’ systems are very comparable.

The AVX600 is an extraordinarily versatile delivery system, with multiple options to suit the objective of the particular patient or treatment session:

1.  Swab Applicator:  Swab electrolysis is actually the most popular among technicians.  It combines the ability to treat wide areas while giving a very thorough result.

2. Patch Electrolysis:  This procedure is essentially a variation of the swab procedure.  The advantage to using the patch (also referred to as ‘tab’) is that it is a ‘hands free’ application.  The patch holds itself to the treatment area, so very little operator involvement is required.  The average treatment time for a 2 x 2 inch patch is 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Galvanic Tweezer and Clip Electrolysis:  These procedures are outstanding for detail work such as hairline contouring and eyebrow shaping.  The advantage to using the clip as opposed to the tweezer applicator is that it is also a ‘hands-free’ application, like the patch.  The clip actually holds itself to the hair.  Multiple clips can be easily used for treating up to four hairs at a time.

4. Traditional ‘Probe’ treatment:  This system is also capable of performing the highly precise probe protocol if needed, and includes accessories for this purpose.

Highlights of the AAVEXX 600 Electrolysis System:

1 year total-coverage warranty.
Auto calibrated 5000uA maximum with overload protection for safety.
Fully programmable auto timer.
Shortwave blend function 2.
Foot switch compatible.
Electrical Pressure, Output Range: 300K to 18,000K µV (10V-6).
Adjustable Intensity, Output Range: 0.01-5,000mA (0-100 ω)(10A-3).

Complete Professional Use Transcutaneous Electrolysis System Includes:

24,000kuv precision electrolysis system, galvanic tweezers, 4 inch stainless steel anode with attachment assembly, swab electrode, 4 hands-free electrode clips, four easy-connect patch electrode assemblies (pigtail leads), 4 reusable 4×4 inch deluxe patches (20 adhesions average per patch), eight reusable 2×2 inch deluxe patches, sixteen reusable 1×1 inch deluxe patches, 8 Oz. supply of high viscosity electrolyte gel, probe stylus, 10 replacement probes, foot switch, and the Transcutaneous Textbook “Cosmetologist’s Guide to Transcutaneous and Conventional Electrolysis”.

So, if you have been considering joining the crowd and investing in laser or intense pulsed light equipment or treatments, it may be time to seriously consider what your GRANDMOTHER used; for less than $700 you can own a system that might just meet your needs better than a much more expensive laser or intense pulsed light system: Go Retro! Go ELECTROLYSIS!

One Year Warranty on Beauty Ion Pro30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
Try the AAVEXX 600 for 30 days. If you are not happy with it, we will take it back and refund your initial purchase price. Simply follow the
instructions included with the shipment.

1 Year Total Coverage Warranty:
We guarantee that your AAVEXX 600 will arrive without damage or defedt. This warranty shall extend for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery.

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