Retro: Electrolysis

Using a system which delivers high intensity photons to disable hair follicle growth is extremely popular today, but it is not the solution for every patient, and in some cases, for every treatment area on a patient who is generally a good candidate for this method.  In order for light therapy to work, there must be a contrast between the skin color and hair color.  In fair skinned patients with blonde, red, or gray hair, this obstacle is overcome by the use of carbon dye as a photoreactive pigment to channel the energy to the follicle.

Electrolysis does not depend on the color of the hair or the skin, or the difference between the two, because it doesn’t use light.  It uses electricity to cause a chemical reaction in the follicle which converts a tiny bit of the body’s naturally occuring salt (NaCl) into lye (NaOH), which disables the tissues which support the follicle’s ability to sprout a hair.

We have two excellent systems which use this concept: the traditional Electrolyse, and the versatile AAVEXX 600.  Check ’em out!