Cosmetologist’s Guide to Transcutaneous and Conventional Electrolysis

Free With Purchase:  Cosmetologist’s Guide to Conventional and Transcutaneous Hair Reduction:  The Science and History of Electrolysis: Includes magnified photographs of follicle tissues, clinical biopsies and the complete anatomy of a human hair.

–System Requirements and Equipment Suppliers: Full specifications for choosing the correct precision electrolysis power system (single output/multiple output) and accessories (patch suppliers, dermal preps and conductants, anesthetics and dermal compounds) for successful administration.

–Pre-Treatment Protocol: This book walks you through the pre-treatment depilatory, the stages of hair growth, treatment strategy and timing for maximum results. You don’t have to be an expert.

–Advanced enough for Professionals, yet simple enough for home users.

–Treatment Procedure: Easy to Follow. Including dermal electrode setup, variations for the positive anode, swab electrolysis techniques, galvanic tweezers techniques, clip electrolysis techniques, patch electrolysis techniques.

–Post Treatment: Full documentation of all contraindications/warnings, dermal reactions, and how often to treat.

–Starting A Practice: What to charge, insurance, health codes and record keeping. This section outlines all the major aspects of opening your very own profitable hair removal salon.

–Easy to read, step by step instructions, diagrams, and photos.

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