Carbon Dye Improves Laser and IPL Epilation Efficiency 100% on Dark Hair… even more with Blonde, Gray, Red!

If you own a Tria, Rio, Silk N SensEpil, or similar low powered home system, you MUST use Carbon Dye to overcome the limited power.It’s practically ignored in the laser hair removal business, but Carbon Dye can improve laser efficiency by at least 100%, and that’s on DARK hair.  The effects of Carbon Dye are so dramatic that it brings laser and IPL hair removal into play for men and women with gray, blonde, or red hair too!

Laser Training Schools Rarely Teach about Carbon Dye.  Watch video and learn WHY.

Photon  therapy works by raising the temperature of the tissues which support the viability of hair growth to the point that they are traumatized and effectively neutralized.  Even dark hair is a poor  conductor of photon energy, so even if the treatment area is shaved prior to  application, only about 55% of the energy that strikes the surface of the skin  makes it to the follicle.  Blonde and grey hair are such poor energy conduits that many practitioners and equipment  manufacturers simply say ‘don’t even try’.  What they SHOULD be saying is ‘try Carbon Dye.’

The other side of the coin is so-called ‘laser shaving’.  Burning the hair off may look impressive (and make an impressive smell) but it’s not a permanent fix.  As a matter of fact, exposed hair fibers just hamper the results you are after by absorbing laser energy before it gets to the surface of the skin!

The target is the follicle, and Carbon Dye is the crosshairs!

When the laser strikes a hair shaft, even if ther hair is still in it but shaved at the surface, the carbon dye transmits over 90% of the laser’s energy directly to the heart of the tissue that makes the hair keep growing, and if that particular follicle is in the anagen growth phase, the likelihood that it will die because of the Carbon Dye is high!

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